These beliefs inform the way we work with clients, with each other, and with our communities.

  • Work hard.
    We’re relentless in our work to help clients thrive. That means going above and beyond for any task, big or small.
  • Care deeply.
    Behind every fact and figure there’s a person with a story. We recognize the humanity in our clients, bringing empathy and understanding to everything we do.
  • Share talents.
    As a mid-sized firm, our partners and offices bring a range of strengths and expertise. We go out of our way to share knowledge, talent, and opportunities across offices and empower colleagues near and far.
  • Bring your best.
    Our clients and colleagues deserve the best in quality, service, and communication.
  • Give generously.
    Together, we’re committed to making our communities better. Our team gives generously, sharing time and resources to make a measurable difference across the Midwest.


Great culture starts with great people.

Our team has a reputation: friendly, resourceful, and always ready for the next challenge. That spirit carries through to our internal culture, where doors are always open. Where knowledge is shared between offices and practices. Where we come together to do good work and make a difference.

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Dedicated to the places where we live and work.

We hire people who care about the health and sustainability of our communities.  From the top down, we believe in giving back as volunteers, board members, and donors.