Informed decisions begin
with deep understanding.

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Our consultants help leadership teams find clarity in addressing complex challenges, which often intertwine decisions about mission, governance, leadership, operations and other technical capacities.

As part of the KEB family, we believe in the power of understanding. That means collaborating with leadership and taking the time to listen to diverse perspectives throughout the organization and its network. It means connecting with people behind the data, building consensus from the ground up, and increasing capacity to adapt and renew from within.

Our Approach

We prioritize collaboration, consensus, and clarity.

  • Future Focus
    We help leadership teams plan for a future where mission is sustained and needs across the organization are met.
  • Collaboration
    True consensus can only be developed when members and partners have the information they need to engage in a meaningful way and believe in the integrity of the process.
  • Clarity
    Goals, tasks, and decisions must be clearly articulated at every step. Throughout every process, we build in communications strategies to ensure roles and expectations are clear.
  • Transparency
    Trust must be earned, not asserted. We work directly with stakeholders to demonstrate how their input is incorporated and minimize perceptions that key decisions have already been made.

Management Consulting Service Areas

We help leadership teams of complex organizations navigate change through inclusive, well-informed, organic processes that are rooted in reality and unique to each organization’s needs and cultures.
We help nonprofit board and staff analyze their current policies and board structures to identify changes that are needed to improve mission effectiveness, leadership capacity and adaptive capacity.

We help nonprofit boards, both governing and advisory, build capacity to shape their organization’s strategic direction and take active roles in sustaining those efforts. We customize board retreats, strategic planning processes, training, workshops, and nominating and/or orientation programs.

We design and facilitate implementation plans with clear expectations about who does what, why, how and by when—with indicators of when it is time to adjust.

We collaboratively develop communications plans and public affairs events rooted in mission and viewed through the eyes of diverse audiences. We tailor events to local areas, craft press releases, prioritize clarity and build relationships with civic, business and nonprofit leaders to cultivate partnerships and broaden community investment.


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