An effective estate plan, at its foundation, allows you to provide for and protect your heirs and beneficiaries. At KEB Wealth Advisors, we help guide you through the process of putting pen to paper and designing an estate plan that best accomplishes your wishes. By planning now and considering the potential challenges involved in leaving assets to your heirs and beneficiaries, we help to put you in a position of comfort and confidence that your wishes will be met.

Working closely with your legal team we help to facilitate conversations and guide you through:

  • Having assets titled correctly
  • Having beneficiary designations that match your legal documents
  • Keeping legal documents up to date and relevant in the face of changes in estate law
  • Considering the applicability of a trust in your estate plan
  • Fulfilling your charitable intentions
  • Protecting the next generation from creditors, spouses, and financial hardships
  • Communicating your values and intentions to the next generations
  • Navigating estate tax-related issues
  • Assisting the next generation in the execution of your estate plan when that time arises

Estate planning can often be an overwhelming and emotional process. Through decades of experience, our advisors are able to help guide you along the way, through every detail of your plan. By partnering with KEB Wealth Advisors, you can be assured that you have planned for the next generation with the same level of care that you have planned for yours.