Investing your wealth can often seem like a daunting and overly complex process. It is easy to be consumed by the overwhelming amount of information presented by the media and the emotional struggle of having everything you have worked hard for at risk in the capital markets. At KEB Wealth Advisors our goal is to educate and guide you through the unknowns, stress, and complexities involved in building an investment portfolio. By helping you avoid unnecessary risks, like chasing the current “hot stock” or reacting to “breaking news,” we work to remove that stress and complexity faced by many investors. We firmly believe that capital markets are efficient and information moves at lightning speed, incorporating itself into market prices well before you have time to act. Academic research has shown that trying to “time” the market can often be a costly mistake. Instead, we help you focus on the things you can control, like asset allocation, asset location, tax efficiency and overall financial planning.

At KEB Wealth Advisors, we take a diversified, tax-efficient, total return and evidenced-based approach to investing. Our philosophy is rooted in decades of peer-reviewed, financial research. The research of Nobel Laureate Eugene Fama, Kenneth French, and other leading academics have all influenced the investment approach that we work with you to implement.

Through our approach, we work to help you:

  • Balance risk/reward to meet your growth or preservation goals
  • Systematically re-balance when market volatility arises
  • Locate assets across different investments and account types to achieve higher tax efficiency
  • Tilt towards asset classes that have been shown to increase the long-term probability of success
  • Select high quality fixed income holdings and when appropriate incorporate individual holdings such as CDs, Treasuries, and Municipal Bonds
  • Avoid unnecessary risk from individual equities, sector concentrations, high-yield bonds, and market timing strategies
  • Take advantage of tax-loss harvesting throughout market cycles when the opportunities arise
  • Implement a low-cost and evidence-based approach for your entire investment portfolio
  • Take a step back and consider your entire financial situation when making portfolio decisions

Investment Management is an integral piece of our entire process. At KEB Wealth Advisors, our goal is to make sure you are taking the appropriate amount of risk, utilizing tax minimization strategies where appropriate, and avoiding the unnecessary risks of concentration, chasing recent performance, or reacting to today’s headlines. The result, we hope, will allow you to remove the complexity and stress you face when trying to invest your assets in pursuit of your goals.