While our full-service accounting firm guides you through the process of filing your taxes, our advisors at KEB Wealth Advisors, help guide you through strategies that can help you lessen your tax burden both now, and into the future.

At KEB Wealth Advisors, we understand that taxes play a crucial role in your financial, retirement, and estate plan. By taking a holistic view of how taxes impact every facet of your financial situation, our advisors are uniquely positioned to provide beneficial recommendations to help lessen your overall tax burden.

Working alongside CPA professionals, we help you to understand:

  • How do my investment decisions coordinate with my tax decisions?
  • Are my assets positioned in the most tax-efficient way?
  • How does my tax situation now and my tax situation when I retire provide for planning and tax minimizing opportunities?
  • How can I reduce the tax impact of Required Minimum Distributions from my Retirement Accounts in the future?
  • How can I lessen the tax burden to my heirs when they inherit assets in the future?
  • How can I maximize the tax deductibility of my charitable intentions?

Taxes play a crucial role in investment, retirement, and estate planning. By working alongside KEB Wealth Advisors, in conjunction with CPA professionals, you are creating a team that will take a holistic approach to all of these areas and put you in a position to best take advantage of tax planning and minimization strategies that are important to your long term financial success.