Your mission drives you, but funding sustains you.

For nonprofits, it’s essential to partner with an accounting team who maintains consistent communication and engages in proactive planning to reduce expenses and streamline your operations.

At KEB, we work with nonprofits and organizations in the spaces of health/hospice, religious entities, children and family services, social services, civil organizations, the arts, education, community foundations, and more. Not only are we committed to a professional partnership, but we also invest heavily in our clients’ causes because we care about their missions and our communities.

KEB serves nonprofit entities in matters involving:

Operations. We get to know your organization and what your struggles are when it comes to resources and accounting. We help create budgets, generate financial reports, complete payroll and invoicing, and prepare annual audits. If needed, we can also assist you in analyzing whether you have a need for an interim CFO.

Fundraising. Challenges with the economy and fundraising are common with most nonprofits as you compete for funds in the market. Together, we can streamline internal controls to create a more productive process in using the funds you raise.

Membership. If your organization is membership-based, we can help you balance and diversify your revenue sources, allowing you to be more sustainable even as your membership numbers fluctuate.

Boards. We often work with boards to develop a strategic plan that encompasses the next one to three years. This involves analyzing your most critical issues and developing strategies and goals around that, as well as looking closely at board governance and involvement in overall operations.

Through consistent collaboration, our team develops a robust knowledge of our clients’ operations. Because our firm has strong staff retention, there is continuity in the team who understands and works with your organization. We engage in analysis of your industry and entity, so we can create a custom plan for you.

Our accessibility is also a major strength we can offer as a firm. We maintain frequent, personal involvement so we can be a valuable resource to you, whether it’s questions about cash flow management or issues with grant compliance.

Good financial stewardship means properly managing your funds so you can best serve your community and impact positive change. Our team at KEB can help you improve the financial health of your organization, carrying out your mission for years to come.