Construction accounting and financial management can be complex.

Operations often require management’s constant attention to every detail of the business, making it difficult to maintain

That’s where KEB comes in. Our in-house team specializes in construction and has the experience and knowledge to understand the financial and reporting requirements of your business — and more importantly, how to improve your systems.

From the start, we help you evaluate the effectiveness of your current operations so you can build a more profitable construction enterprise.

For decades, we’ve worked with homebuilders, mechanical contractors, and road and heavy highway contractors of all sizes throughout the Midwest. We regularly attend conferences and trade shows to deepen our understanding of the construction industry and the challenges our clients are facing.

We know that tax planning is a major struggle for many in the construction industry. Because of our long-term experience with construction tax methods, we can help you anticipate potential issues. Taxes aren’t just an annual task; we work with you throughout the year, keeping you apprised of new developments in tax laws or opportunities for tax savings and deferrals.

Our firm’s capabilities also extend beyond audit and tax compliance services. We assist with everything from ownership/management succession for our closely held construction businesses to the extensive multi-state prequalification process for our heavy highway contractors. We can help you streamline processes like tracking open jobs, working on estimates to complete, contracting schedules, and managing your cash flow.

Construction is a dynamic and often challenging industry. At KEB, we give you the tools you need to remain up-to-date on your financials and build a solid foundation for your business moving forward.