The healthcare industry today is facing growing competition, increasing regulations, and dwindling revenue.

Hospitals are challenged to do more with less as more procedures become outpatient and hospital stays have reduced, thanks to advances in medical technology.

At KEB, we partner with healthcare providers, health clinics, skilled nursing facilities, and critical access hospitals across Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, and Kentucky in order to develop and implement effective financial solutions for these challenges. While our work is primarily with rural hospitals and clinics, we realize that all healthcare providers have unique needs regardless of size, location or specialty.

Many of our clients in rural settings rely on government programs for revenue. Government reimbursement is low, and healthcare costs are increasing; that’s where KEB can help. Our intricate expertise on medicare reimbursement is derived from more than 60 years of experience.

Our team helps to complete audits, cost reporting, and reimbursements for Medicare, Medicaid, and Blue Cross. We also assist healthcare providers with Medicare and Medicaid regulatory filings, IRS Form 990 filings, and annual audits. Our tax planning strategies for healthcare settings address corporate structure, minimize tax liability, and provide a clear direction for the future.

KEB has a core team that solely serves healthcare providers. Because of our longevity in this industry, we are able to advise our clients on current issues, understand struggles, and provide unique solutions — from cash flow considerations to strategic operational analysis. We know how to get the most out of Medicare reimbursement and ensure that your cost reports are being prepared properly.

KEB seeks to leverage our understanding of what hospitals are facing to provide strategic planning, forecasting, support, and sustainable actions that will affect your reimbursement. When you work with KEB, you’ll gain a complete picture of your company’s financial health. This will allow you to make better decisions and find opportunities for efficiency, cost savings, and increased revenue as you treat your patients and improve wellness in your community.