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KEB’s tax department provides strategic solutions to help individuals and organizations navigate complex regulations.

We know tax law, and just as importantly, we know the value of understanding our clients, their industries, and the way they operate. That in-depth knowledge of your organization helps us foresee challenges and tax implications that others may miss. Working together with our regional network of tax experts, we develop thoughtful, big-picture strategies to reduce your tax burden and save you money.

From business compliance and preparation services to planning for mergers and acquisitions, construction tax benefits, and other major events, we’re here to guide you.

Additional Tax Services

  • Business Tax Compliance & Strategy
  • Individual Tax Planning & Compliance
  • IRS & Regulatory Examinations
  • Merger & Acquisition Planning
  • Construction Tax Benefit Planning
  • Tax Forecast & Projections


Employee Benefit Plan Admin
Business Valuation
Business Advisory
Tax Planning
Tax Prep
Estate Planning


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Most of the time an expense that may be tax deductible needs to be paid by the end of the year for which the expense will be claimed. However, there is an exception to that rule. IRA contributions for the prior year can be made after the close of the year if made by the

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