Patrick Smith, CPA

August 22, 2023

Patrick is an audit manager in KEB’s Springfield, Illinois office. He joined the firm in 2021 and has experience providing audit services across a broad range of industries. Patrick has taken the time to share his insight on what it is like working with KEB. Here is what he had to say:

Moving from Ernst & Young in Chicago to KEB in my hometown of Springfield, I expected there to be a major transition in the next chapter of my career. I knew what I wanted from my next employer, both professionally and personally. I wanted to continue to work in top-end facilities with the resources to execute and deliver at the highest level. I also wanted to continue to be at a firm that would invest in my growth and provide opportunities to advance my career.

The changes that I was looking for were better work-life balance, the ability to make a direct impact on the firm, and the opportunity to be involved with the community we live in. I am happy to say I found all these here.

What struck me immediately and continues to be evident, is the culture at the firm and the people who drive it. KEB has a culture that is welcoming. As a result of one-on-one interactions with team members and the family environment that KEB fosters, I was able to come in and immediately feel included and connected to others within the firm. The culture is also collaborative, personalized, and unique to each employee.

We have opportunities to work across multiple industries, across all of our departments, and with nearly every employee from staff to partner. Many of our clients often look to us for support and guidance, which allows us to provide value-added services as well. This type of structure keeps things fresh and fosters exposure to many types of businesses, which has aided in my career development.

Within this wide range of opportunities, our opinion matters, as we are able to voice ambitions and choose a career track based on personal preferences and needs. KEB encourages and supports a sustainable work-life balance by allowing flexibility in a way that offers continued professional and personal growth. In addition to the core responsibilities in each department, we are also given the opportunity to be included in other facets of the business (recruiting, internships, etc.), which allows each person to make an impact on the overall direction of the firm.

From a community perspective, KEB is passionate about the community we live in. This passion is lived out through our leadership involvement from our partner level on down. I couldn’t be happier about the move I made to KEB, and I look forward to continuing to develop relationships and embracing the opportunities at KEB.