KEB has been working with regulators and casinos to review casino compliance and protect the integrity of gaming, for over 15 years.  KEB has provided consulting support to government jurisdictions charged with regulating the casino industry, and we have conducted compliance reviews on their behalf.  A casino’s ability to operate in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations is critical to its owners, its patrons and its regulators.

KEB’s focus on compliance in the gaming industry makes us an excellent source for casinos that are seeking:

  • Assessment of existing internal controls and “informal” compliance reviews to find problems before outside regulators do
  • Development or revision of written policies and procedures that meet regulators’ requirements
  • Implementation of sound internal control systems, including the review of current internal audit programs and the development of new ones
  • Financial audits and accounting services performed by staff who know casino operations and understand the need to protect the integrity of the industry