Municipalities and governmental agencies face strict standards and evolving regulations.

Yet, there is often limited capacity to fulfill your duties of serving the public.

KEB partners with government entities for a range of accounting and reporting services, so that you can remain transparent to your constituents and compliant with the law. With headquarters in the capital city of Springfield, Illinois, and regional offices across the Midwest, we have a wide knowledge base and significant experience in governmental accounting at the federal, state and local level.

Our clients range from state agencies to small municipalities. Our team provides ongoing bookkeeping services, monthly compilations of financial statements, payroll processing, processing of tax forms that come with payroll processing, and consulting work on special projects, helping to compile financial information for a project that requires a loan or debt funding.

Additionally, we perform required annual audits. Our government audit group is experienced in conducting audits of financial statements under standards prescribed by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board in accordance with Generally Accepted Governmental Auditing Standards (“yellow book audits”), and in accordance with Single Audit (OMB Circular A-133). We are integrally involved in each phase of the audit and maintain a constructive relationship with your management team.

In response to decreasing budgets, government agencies also turn to KEB as a cost-effective alternative for accounting, auditing and funds management services. We assist with regular bookkeeping, annual audits, monthly compilations, processing and recording transactions in accounting software, and preparing GAAP packages for required financial submissions to the Office of the Comptroller.

The governmental reporting environment changes constantly; our team at KEB has the longtime experience and attention to detail that your agency needs to assess risk, evaluate internal controls, and strategize your organizational direction. Whether it’s submitting financial reports or initiating a major new program, our team takes the time to understand your policies, make the most of your limited resources, and help you realize your overarching goals.