KEB has worked with religious institutes since 1931. Our management consulting and financial services bring clarity to help leadership teams and administrators make courageous decisions.

Preparing for change is difficult. It often intertwines complex challenges related to mission, care of members, properties, ministries, governance, operations and finances. Making decisions about one often affects the others.

We work collaboratively with Leadership Teams and committees to engage members, earn their trust and build consensus around possibilities for a life-giving future.

Building consensus starts with a shared understanding of reality. Affirming that reality helps bring clarity to complex decisions that must be made.

Our team includes a mix of management consultants and certified public accountants who help religious institutes navigate decisions related to:

Property Stewardship

Property stewardship intertwines with mission sustainability. We help you create mission-centric possibilities for owned properties.

Sponsored Ministry Assessments

Sustainability encompasses far more than financial stability. We objectively assess ministries to identify key factors of sustainability.

Financial Consulting & Analysis

Leadership and administration is charged with protecting financial resources, managing them effectively, and making sound financial projections. We help you improve financial reporting and other systems to enhance the accuracy and timeliness to inform decision making.

KEB will work with you to design and facilitate processes to help build the collective courage to make and implement those decisions.