Financial Planning encompasses every aspect of your life, both financial and personal. At KEB Wealth Advisors, we help guide you through the financial planning process. Acting as a fiduciary to each and every client we work with allows us to view your situation through an objective lens rather than one based in the sale of a product. Working through the process with you and providing recommendations based on decades of experience and insight, our advisors commit themselves to your long term financial success.

Steps in the Process:

  • Discovery – getting to know you, both personally and financially
  • Identify goals – helping you select and prioritize what’s most important to you
  • Analysis – spending time to review the information we learned in our discovery and your current course of action helps us to identify potential alternatives
  • Develop recommendations – using financial planning software to help you choose a course of action that will help you maximize your potential to reach goals
  • Present recommendations – discussing and reviewing our recommendations with you
  • Implementation– We collaborate with you to help you choose how to best implement our recommendations
  • Monitor progress and update information – life changes, so we meet periodically to review and update any recommendations to make sure you stay on the best possible path

Our Financial Planning process is fully integrated with Investment Management, Retirement Planning, Tax Planning, and Estate Planning. We also utilize the latest financial planning technology, combined with decades of academic research to help you through every important decision along the way. Partnering with KEB Wealth Advisors helps to ensure that you are making the decisions necessary to accomplish what’s most important to you.