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KEB offers a regional network of audit, assurance, and accounting expertise to help you understand requirements, manage risk, and recognize opportunity.

Pairing technical expertise and industry knowledge, our team is here answer questions, provide resources, and get things done the right way. From benefit plan audits to fraud assessment and bookkeeping assistance, we can help you move your organization forward.

Led by experienced partners, our teams take the time to understand who you are and how you operate. That foundation helps us provide thorough answers so you can make informed decisions for the future.

For many clients, KEB serves as their external accounting department, providing year-round services and answering questions as they arise — no matter how big or small.




Employee Spotlight – Patrick Smith, CPA

Patrick is an audit manager in KEB’s Springfield, Illinois office. He joined the firm in 2021 and has experience providing audit services across a broad range of industries. Patrick has taken the time to share his insight on what it is like working with KEB. Here is what he had to say: Moving from Ernst

New Employee Onboarding Best Practices: Factors to Consider for Success

According to one recent study, replacing an employee who has left your business can cost between 50% to 60% of that person's salary. This is why it's virtually always more expensive to hire a new person than it is to simply retain one of your existing workers. If you're replacing someone who makes about $100,000

Employee or Independent Contractor – A Primer for Employers and Employees

It is not uncommon for employers to misclassify employees as independent contractors, either to intentionally avoid their withholding and tax responsibilities or because they are not aware of the laws regarding the issue. Misclassifying a worker can have significant ramifications for both the employer and the worker in terms of how much each pays in

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