November 21, 2023

Angie Hayes

Angie Hayes

Angie joined KEB in 1989. Over the past year, Angie transitioned to a three-day-per-week role within the Admin team, departing from her previous full-time position as an Office Manager. Her current responsibilities focus on optimizing administrative functions across various industries, contributing to the overall operational efficiency at the firm.

  1.  What’s the farthest you’ve ever been from home?  Mexico!
  2.  What is the most impressive thing you know how to do?  After 30 years of tax season, I would say multitasking and keeping everything running smoothly.
  3.  What was your first job? Receptionist for the Easter Seal Society of Cape Girardeau

Lisa Ruch

Lisa Ruch, CPA

Lisa joined KEB in 1998 and currently serves as a Senior Manager, specializing in providing primarily audit services. Her expertise extends across various industries, with a focus on retail, construction, and 401(k) plans. Lisa graduated cum laude from Southeast Missouri State University with a B.S. in Business Administration and is a licensed CPA in Missouri. Beyond her professional achievements, Lisa treasures her family, which includes her daughter Megan, currently a freshman at Southeast Missouri State University, and her lively Cockapoo puppy, Tucker.

  1. If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?  Online shopping
  2. What is a new skill that you would like to master?  Playing guitar
  3. What’s the farthest you’ve ever been from home?  Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  4. What was your first job?  Babysitting