October 26, 2023

By: Brooke Valenti-Jouett


The success of any organization hinges on its ability to attract, develop, and retain top talent. At our firm, we recognize the profound importance of cultivating a new generation of accounting professionals who will not only contribute to our firm’s growth but also enrich the landscape of the regions we serve. Recently, our recruiting efforts expanded to 14 different schools and universities, encompassing 18 events across four states – Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Iowa. The outcome? We proudly welcomed several tax and audit interns as well as full-time hires. Let’s delve into the significance of this success and how it serves as a direct pipeline for the future health of our firm and the broader accounting profession.

Nurturing Future Talent

Our firm’s recruiting events extend far beyond the act of hiring individuals. They symbolize our unwavering commitment to the future of the accounting profession. By engaging with 14 schools and universities, we’re giving the next generation of young professionals a platform to shine. They’re not just entering the workforce; they’re shaping it.

Recruiting Full-Time Hires

A direct outcome of our recruiting success is the addition of talented full-time individuals to our team. These fresh faces bring new ideas, energy, and innovation to our firm, serving as a vital driving force for our continued growth. But they are not just employees; they are the next wave of leaders, ready to guide us into the future.

Supporting Emerging Accounting Professionals

Our commitment to recruiting and mentoring young talent goes beyond our immediate needs. These young professionals become part of our community and ecosystem, working side by side with seasoned experts, and in the process, they’re nurtured into the emerging accounting professionals our firm and area need.

Ensuring Our Firm’s Future Health

Our recruiting strategy is not just about today; it’s about tomorrow. We’ve built a pipeline that’s going to keep our firm healthy and thriving. By bringing in new talents regularly, we ensure that our firm stays competitive in the ever-evolving world of finance and accounting.

The Bigger Picture

The significance of our recruiting events extends far beyond our firm’s walls. By engaging with students from various states, we’re also contributing to the overall health of the accounting profession in our region. Our new recruits aren’t just future employees; they’re ambassadors of the profession, spreading awareness and encouraging others to join this rewarding field.


Recruiting events might seem like just another part of running a business, but they’re so much more than that. They’re investments in the future. While welcoming interns is essential, it’s equally crucial to bring in experienced professionals. They are not just assets; they’re vital to our future and to the broader world of accounting in our area. Together, we’re building a brighter, more successful future for accounting, with the invaluable contributions of both new talent and seasoned professionals.