February 3, 2023

By: Sara Jaeger

When running a small business, it is easy for an unexpected challenge to escalate into a critical threat if you are unprepared. With time and resources limited, software that streamlines the accounting process and gives you a picture of your business’s overall fiscal health is a game changer. QuickBooks can help you simplify the everyday functions of your business’s finances, making it easy to perform tasks such as creating and managing invoices, tracking bills and expenses, and running and sharing reports.

Learn about how QuickBooks can meet your business’s needs and provide a clear understanding of your financial position.

Have Accurate Reports at Your Fingertips

QuickBooks software takes the guesswork out of knowing your financial standing. It automatically tracks your income and expenses and runs reports that let you easily determine the following:

  • Whether your numbers are in the correct column
  • Your current cash balance
  • If your accounts are reconciled
  • If you have any outstanding balances
  • Whether your employees cashed out their checks

These reports and indicators give you a clear picture of the overall health of your small business, so you always know your financial position.

Customize to Fit Your Needs

Another advantage of QuickBooks is that it is designed to fit your business. The software offers plenty of options for customization. Customers can choose between the traditional QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online, a cloud-based program you can access from anywhere. You can also add additional services to enhance the software’s capabilities. QuickBooks Point of Sale, and QuickBooks Payroll, are just a couple of the products you can opt for to meet your business’s needs.

Easily Share Information with Partners

One final great thing about QuickBooks is that since it is arguably the most popular accounting software, your partners will likely already be familiar with it! It also integrates seamlessly with many other programs and tools, meaning it is simple to keep everyone on the same page. Easily clean up and share reports, making life less complicated for you and your accountant. No more scrambling with boxes full of paper receipts! QuickBooks’ intuitive tracking tools will take some of the stress out of tax time.

Here for You

Managing the financial health of your small business is no small task, but with the help of the right software, it can be much easier to stay on top of your accounting needs. QuickBooks offers users a powerful, customizable tool to monitor their company’s fiscal position. Contact your KEB advisor today with any questions about how QuickBooks software can help meet the needs of your small business!


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