Woman widowed after a long marriage with grown children. Her husband focused on finances, while her focus was on their family. Now that he’s gone, the weight of managing these assets is heavy. Not only is it overwhelming to her, it’s made more difficult by confusing vocabulary. Her husband’s brokers do not seem to be able to explain the investments in a way that she understands, and treat her with less than respect as this is not her area of expertise, and the vocabulary is confusing. She is overwhelmed by the responsibility. Fears of not being financially secure are present.


This life change brings so much emotion that our first goal l is to simply be in the situation with her by understanding her situation and needs as well as her family’s dynamics.


Life is so much more than money, and understanding her relationships and motivation is the key to providing the services and support needed. Working with her CPA and Attorney provides additional insight into her situation.


Partnering with her means providing her with the information and tools in ways that are useable and empowering, and not by taking over. As we gain clarity on her passions and concerns, we are able to assist with communicating that to other members of her team of advisors.


Over time, with understanding and knowledge, we help eliminate those things that cause stress and bring in services that provide security and peace of mind.


Over a period of time, we look to have her experience peace of mind that she is, in fact, financially secure and that she can manage her financial life well. Gone is the fear of the unknown.